Circular economy with a Scandinavian touch

Green energy

Serving households and companies

IceBear produces green energy for households and companies in the local area. Our plant produces green energy using CO₂-neutral solid biomass, which we preferably derive from the local surroundings. This includes plant waste from pruning work along roads, tending tree walls & nature reserves and forest maintenance. During their growth, trees absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere and convert it into O₂. When these trees or branches are pruned and  converted into biomass, space is released for a new tree or branch, which in turn will absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere, resulting in a CO₂ neutral process. By using this biomass as a fuel, instead of processing it as waste and converting it into compost, we can use it as a replacement for fossil fuel. The combustion process is an extremely clean process and leaves no extra footprint.