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Cookie Policy

We respect the privacy of our website visitors and ensure that the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially. Processing of personal data is done in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer's hard drive by a website when you visit a website. The main function of cookies is to distinguish users from each other.

Cookies ensure, for example, that you do not constantly receive or have to enter the same information when you visit our website. Cookies are intended to make the ease of use of a website. In addition, we use cookies to be able to make relevant offers based on your interest. There are different types of cookies, each with a different purpose.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that a website functions properly. These cookies ensure that:

  • Information is passed from one page to another if, for example, you have to enter a lot of data,
  • The settings for displaying videos (such as desired buffer size and resolution data) are saved,
  • The browser settings for an optimal display for our website can be read,
  • The website is loaded evenly, so that the website remains accessible,
  • It is possible to comment on the website,
  • It is determined which version of the website you will see.

2. Statistics/Analysis

Statistics are made of the information we collect. This data gives us insight into the behavior of visitors on the website. By analyzing this behavior, we can make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible. The data is not traced back to individual persons. These cookies ensure that:

  • The number of visitors to web pages on this website is tracked,
  • The duration of each visitor is tracked,
  • The order in which visitors visit pages is determined,
  • It becomes easy to assess which parts of the website need adjustments.