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2023 was complex jaar voor IceBear in Steenwijk

2023 was complex jaar voor IceBear in Steenwijk

IceBear in Steenwijk dacht het goed aan te pakken bij het ontwikkelen en bouwen van de nieuwe productielijn in 2022, waarbij de restwarmte uit de biomassacentrale gebruikt wordt om palletblokken te maken. Met de overheden was sinds 2017 herhaaldelijk overlegd over vergunningen voor de biomassacentrale en de palletblokkenproductielijn, maar die waren ook nu niet nodig. 2023 werd een jaar waarin toch een vergunning moest worden aangevraagd, de omgeving zich flink roerde door onduidelijkheid over d


Robus Capital largest shareholder Icebear

From 22 nov 2023 on, Robus Capital is the largest shareholder of IceBear Steenwijk BV. IceBear is now owned by a consortium of shareholders, led by Robus Capital. Richard Thomson remains in place as director and the day-to-day operations in Steenwijk do not change. The takeover offers IceBear the financial means to further redefine the sustainable development of buildings and the manufacturing process. Robus Capital management is situated in Germany and the United Kingdom. It manages a range o


IceBear barbecue

As a thank to all of our employees, who have worked hard over the past year to make this circular project a success, we organized a barbecue!  

Impressie productie

Impression production

In April 2022, our six production lines were started up and fully operational. From now on we can produce Circular pallet blocks for pallet products and pallet repair. In the photo series below you can see an impression of our production.

Verbouwingswerkzaamheden IceBear

The renovation of the IceBear power plant in pictures

In 2022 IceBear will introduce a new core business producing circular pallet blocks. This will be the next step in pursuing our company's mission: Striving for a better world for future generations through circular production. Apart from the pallet blocks, we will also continue the production of green energy and hot water. To reinforce our ambitions our power plant base in Steenwijk is being renovated. In the photo series below you can see the work that is being carried out.

Jan Vermeiren - Sales Manager

Jan Vermeiren Sales Manager IceBear Circular Pallet Blocks

IceBear proudly presents Jan Vermeiren as their new Sales Manager Circular Pallet Blocks. On the first day of November he has started working for our company. Jan, born in Belgium, brings over 25 years of sales experience with him. He has worked for over fifteen years in the world of pallets.

IJsbeer Energie wordt IceBear

IceBear, producer for the circular economy

In 2022 IJsbeer Energie will continue its business with a new company name. The reason for this change is a new business model which will focus on the production of pallet blocks.