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Circular economy

IceBear. Circular economy with a Scandinavian touch.

Pallet blocks

Sustainable minds turned into business

In 2016 IceBear started as a producer of green energy and hot water from our home base: our power plant in Steenwijk, The Netherlands. More than five years later our mission remains the same: Adding value to the world. And not just any value. We are committed to run our company for the greater good, a sustainable world for future generations.

With this in mind, the next step to become a producer for the circular economy was easily taken. Especially when we found a sustainable destination for the residual heat from our plant. This residual heat is now being used for the production of our pallet blocks.

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We are proud to call ourselves Producer for the Circular Economy. Nothing is more sustainable than making use of what already exists.

Pallet Blocks

With our pallet blocks, we breath new life into waste wood. In our sustainable chain, this wood is processed and prepared for reuse.

Pallet Blocks
Green Energy

We produce and supply green energy, working with a small foot print state of mind. It is our mission to produce locally, safe and sustainable using energy sources that can be considered CO₂-neutral.

Green energy
Hot Water

We supply hot water to industry and municipalities, using our biomass boiler.

Hot Water

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How Steenwijk and Norway became connected

IceBear is part of the Norwegian company Kvitebjørn. Kvitebjørn translates as IceBear in an old Norwegian language. This company has been delivering energy for the city of Tromsø since 1986. Within its company plans Kvitebjørn wants to expand its expertise across the borders, coming from the purpose of making a difference in sustainablity with every new energy project.

Our energy plant